time off

Friday: I did not want to work out.
Saturday: I did not have time to work out
Sunday: Weights upper and lower: 20 minute easy run, 20 min easy/moderate bike (random hills level 6)
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Stupid foot

Looks like I ran too much this week. My left foot hurts just below and in front of the ankle. Booo.
Thursday: Weights upper and lower, bike random hills level 6: 30 minutes
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the week in workout

Thursday: off
Friday: Weights Upper and lower 20 min run; 20 min cycle
Saturday: off
Sunday: Weights upper and lower: 30 min run
Monday: Lake Johnson Run 5.5 miles
Tuesday: Weights Upper and Lower: 20 min run then 20 min Cycle
Wednesday June 9: Ran 10k on the Black Creek Green Way
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(no subject)

Wednesday May 26: Bike ride at Umstead, 7 miles hilly
Thursday 5.5 miles at Lake Johnson
Friday, Saturday travel: Jason and I went to see dad in Matthews VA. We saw a little bit of Yorktown too.
Sunday: 2 mile quick run.
Monday: Travel day
Tuesday: Weights upper and lower, progression run 11:06 to 8:30 in 2.5 miles
Wednesday: drinks night - 1.5 mile run - did not stretch yesterday - stiff as a board today. Stretched as much as time allowed today.
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early week

Sunday: Gym upper and lower 30 min. on the crossramp elliptical machine
Monday: 30 min running 3.1 miles and 20 min. biking level 6 random mountains setting
felt alright

This week

Wednesday: 5 miles Lake Johnson
Thursday: Weights upper and lower: 25 minutes bike (random mountains setting level 5)
Friday: Dinner with friends and more Rupaul!
Saturday: 6 miles Lake Johnson


Sunday: I spent about 4 hours on and off the bike. I started having trouble clicking my left foot out of the pedals toward the end. I was helping stragglers, so I was one of the last people off the course. I really like being a bike-mounted course monitor at Umstead. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
Monday: Gym upper and lower: ran 4 miles
Tuesday: Date night!
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the week in workout

Monday: Kickball! Not exactly a workout, but not exactly nothing either.
Tuesday: Gym: upper and lower - I tried to run on the treadmill but my Post Tib was bothering me, so I stopped after a quarter mile.
Wednesday: 5 miles at Lake Johnson
Thursday: off
Friday: walking around downtown - see Monday
Saturday: A little yard work so far - I need to go to the gym
Sunday: I am a course monitor for a half marathon - I'll be on my bike for a few hours. We'll see how it goes.
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First Brick!

Sunday: I had a lovely brunch with mom, Jason, my brother John, and my nephew Atticus. After the food settled a bit, I went out to Umstead Park. I ran for an hour, changed shoes, then I biked for 50 minutes. I have never done a long combination workout before. My foot can no longer take the pounding of a two hour run, so this seems like an excellent way to get LSD (long slow distance) without hurting myself. I am not training for anything longer than a 10k this year anyway.
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Friday and Saturday

Friday: walked around downtown - First Friday!
Saturday: 5 miles at Lake Johnson - felt ok - got tired at the end - found my tempo pace
I know tempo pace by feel, but I have no clue what that pace actually is (by the numbers).

It is dry out there and the dirt is flying. I am covered in schmutz from head to toe.
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