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Blog mania!

Since I post so rarely here, you would think that I don't need to have another blog. Well.....
I am on Weather Underground (WU) as Raleighwood. Here is my first post:

Raleighwood is a long-time WU reader who became a dedicated lurker of the tropical weather blogs (and their comments) during the 2005 hurricane season. I've had more time on my hands this year because I recently was laid-off from my job of over 11 years.

So what have I been doing? I'm on a rollerderby team and I'm also on the Board of Directors at the AIDS Community Residence Association (ACRA) in Durham, NC. Both of these activities are time-consuming but fun. Oh yeah, I'm also looking for a job.

I used to work at the CDC National AIDS (later AIDS and STDs) Hotline. As I see it, the financial staff at CDC wrested control of the hotlines from the health program staff. The financial staff wanted a cheaper, more efficient?, hotline that addressed a variety of health issues, not many separate hotlines that specialized in one or two health issues. In the long term, this may be more efficient. In the short term, CDC has a "jack-of-all trades master of none" hotline. I'm getting off my soapbox now. This is my first blog entry, and I don't want to bore you to tears so soon.

Ideally, I'll be posting information from our weather station. I'll have weather pictures too, as soon as I get a digital camera.

Back to the current blog, I should be cleaning the house for our drinks gathering tonight - but NO. I am geeking out! BTW, Ophelia is going to be a hurricane soon. About an hour ago, I learned that her pressure was 999mb.

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