April 2nd, 2010


Long Cold Winter

I'll spare you the long list of troubles that derailed my Winter/Spring racing season. I have decided to make Live Journal my running log. If you are at all interested in running, this might be useful to you. I realize that if you don't give a rat's ass about running this journal might be terribly boring.

Today I ran 5 miles at Lake Johnson. It was sunny and 60 degrees F. The pollen seemed a bit high, so my legs and my nose were running. It's Spring, bring tissue:-) I wore the Saucony Omni 8s, with the metal plate in the left shoe and orthotics in both shoes. I've noticed in recent runs that my posterior tibial tendon (I think) is sore after the run and for a day or two afterward. I am not sure if my foot is getting used to my new gait or if there is something wrong with the orthotic. Either way I need to give my podiatrist a call. I find it hard to believe that overpronation is causing the trouble since, between the orthotic and the shoe, there is probably too much motion control.

Distance: 5 miles
Shoes: Saucony
Purpose/Time: Base Building - No Watch
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Post Tib Tendon Confirmed

I learn so much about anatomy from my massage therapist. The conversations usually goes something like this:
Me: OMG, what is that? It hurts like crazy.
Therapist (while easing up): Posterior Tibialis Tendon, there might be a little tear there. I suggest you talk to your podiatrist about adjusting your orthotics.
Me: Damn, I thought so.

Sometimes I don't like being right:-(
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