April 11th, 2010


Ideally I should write in my running log every day...

but I am not that kind of girl. Let's work backward from today.

Today: 5 miles at Lake Johnson
Its still a struggle, but I feel stronger later in the run. My left knee was hurting on the inside instead of the lateral side. My left arch gave me some trouble. I should stretch a little more then ice that. I got chub rub after 5 miles. That's new. I am not sure if it is related to the Easter candy or the hard thigh workouts of the last 3 months. probably both

Saturday: Gym workout - upper and lower - 30 minutes on the crossramp elliptical

Friday: 3 easy miles around the neighborhood

OK, I need to enter stuff in the running log everyday because I can't remember what I did earlier in the week. I have been doing more walking during the day.
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